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Kia Middle East and Africa participate in 2015 Kia Vision 21 conference

The visiting officials were briefed on Kia’s future vision, strategy and infrastructure facilities

Kia invited their dealers and distributors from around the world for a weeklong trip to Korea this month as part of the brand’s 2015 Kia Vision 21.

The event took place from 12-17 October and was aimed at sharing Kia’s vision for the future, strategies for success and giving the representatives a glimpse of the company’s infrastructure facilities.

A total of 47 officials, representing Kia’s global dealership and distributor network, travelled to Seoul for 2015 Kia Vision 21. 18 of these visiting executives were from the Asia-Pacific region, 17 from the European automobile market and 12 from Middle East and Africa.

The main conference took place on October 13 at Kia’s global headquarters in Seoul, which addressed topics such as new product development, mid-long term strategies and overseas plans. The rest of the week consisted of visits to the manufacturer’s R&D centre in Namyang, the Hyundai steel factory as well as the main manufacturing plant in Hwaseong.

Mr. Alex Chung, President of Kia Motors Middle East and Africa Regional Headquarters, said: “It is an immense privilege for us to invite our distributors and dealers to Korea and share the brand’s vision and strategy for continued success with them. These individuals have been Kia’s key partners for years and we hope to strengthen our relationship by giving them an understanding of Kia’s objectives, the approach to attaining these and how they play a significant role in that vision. It is encouraging that those who attended are from key markets such as the Middle East and Africa, Europe and the Asia-Pacific, where we have experienced rapid growth and are major regions for Kia going forward.”

Kia’s desired outcome from the event was for their strategic partners to gain a better understanding of what the brand wants to achieve, how this will be made possible and their role in that process.