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KidZania Kuwait launches second CongreZZ term

Registrations now open for second term of CongreZZ

Following the conclusion of a very successful first year, KidZania Kuwait, the exciting kid-sized metropolis announces the launch of its second CongreZZ term. The CongreZZ is an integral part of KidZania’s governmental body, and it is led by 20 young leaders who commit to keep KidZania’s spirit alive and enriched.

KidZania is delighted to invite all children between the ages of 7 and 12 to apply for a chance to be their next official voice. The application process can be completed at the KidZania facility between 15 and 24 October, 2015. The candidates will then be shortlisted by an expert panel based on their ability to express, engage and participate in group discussions.

“We are very pleased to see the CongreZZ in its second term, especially after witnessing the level of passion, dedication and enthusiasm of the CongreZZ members to contribute towards making positive changes to their city. We are proud to provide a platform to educate, inspire and empower children, helping them develop into the best versions of themselves” said Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure and Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co.

Being a KidZania CongreZZ member provides children with an authentic, educational and fun experience to be able to voice their opinions, express themselves and share ideas on how to improve KidZania for its citizens and visitors.

In 2014, the 20 CongreZZ members worked together to implement positive changes and improve KidZania Kuwait. They took part in the CongreZZ quarterly meetings where they discussed topics pertaining to family and friendship ties, hobbies, children’s perception of brands, and entertainment parks that they visited. They also suggested CSR activities that were adopted and implemented by KidZania, including organizing educational field trips to raise awareness about health issues such as diabetes, and finding ways to eradicate bullying and promote tolerance amongst all members of the society.

Additionally, the CongreZZ members were able to provide constructive feedback on different programs that are run at KidZania, such as the Winter Festival and the annual Kids for a Greener World initiative. They also had the privilege of being the first to test out all new activities and establishments before they were opened to public.

“Being the official representatives of KidZania is a great responsibility. It is through responsibility that children develop independence, self-confidence and the ability to work hard for their dreams,” added Medroa.

The 2014 CongreZZ members successfully concluded their term with a closing ceremony where they received certificates of appreciation and were thanked for all their hard work and efforts towards making KidZania a better place.