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King Abdullah Economic City resumes ‘Messengers of Peace’ initiative

King Abdullah Economic City has resumed its partnership with the Messengers of Peace (MOP) initiative, established by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and is currently rolled-out in six regions at the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

KAEC launched a program in partnership with the Messenger of Peace Commission in Saudi Arabia to aid “Klayyah” and “Saabar” villages, which are located near KAEC. The program aims to develop youth in order to lead transformative change for the better of their communities.

Initially, KAEC has started providing food supplies and minor construction repairs for the residents as part of its commitment to serving the neighboring villages. KAEC is an integrated socio-economic city and it is not limited to attracting investments and the development of various industries, but also is committed to the development of national cadres and motivating them to participate in various social activities that will benefit them mentally and physically.

Mr. Fahd Al-Rasheed, Managing Director and CEO of KAEC, expressed his delight in the partnership with the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association, saying: “In this initiative we have focused on raising awareness and finding more effective solutions for waste management in our neighboring villages. We distributed trash bins for the needy families and helped in cleaning up the area.”

He added: “The Saudi Arabian Scouts Association is the ideal partner to enable the city performing its social responsibility activities to the fullest.”

Adding his comments, Mr. Fawaz Farooqui who is leading (MOP) initiative in KAEC, stated: “There are more than 83 employees from KAEC who have volunteered in the program, including 31 female along with 52 male from various sectors, which reflects the good nature of this initiative and everyone’s willingness to participate in serving their community. The Saudi Arabian Scouts Association members played an active role in helping us to identify the needy families, interacting with them and getting to know them better. Rest assure that we will continue with this initiative, which truly reflects the goals of the city’s efforts to develop the neighboring communities in all aspects.”

The Messengers of Peace program aims to develop the skills of participants in all fields of scouting. The program addresses the concept and importance of peace, finding solutions to social problems and environmental and health issues, as well as finding a strategy for Messengers of Peace locally and globally. In addition, the program includes developing communication skills, networking and self-development courses.


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