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King Fahad Medical City invests in high tech disinfection robot to fight MERS-CoV

King Fahad Medical City has recently purchased 12 cutting edge technology portable disinfection systems to eradicate organisms including but not limited to the hospital and ambulances. While the immediate need is to combat the Corona virus, the technology will kill all infection causing pathogens in the environment, thereby reducing the probability of infections. The technology, high intensity UV-C light breaks the DNA and /or RNA of the organism and prevents the organism from reproducing, thereby killing the organism.

According to John Morrow, CEO of U.S. based UV-C Technologies, LLC, “Studies have proven that manually disinfecting a hospital room is approximately 50% effective. Using our automated UV-C device, the kill rate of pathogens is 99.99%. Additionally, this high level disinfection is accomplished in approximately 15 minutes, thereby reducing hospital room turn over time.” This technology is utilized quite extensively in the United States as a means of controlling infections in hospitals, surgery centers, ambulances, off shore oil rigs and hotels.

Dr. Yamany CEO of King Fahad Medical City states, “KFMC is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for patients, families, and employees. This new technology will greatly enhance the care given at KFMC and reduce the chance of infection from MERS or any other pathogen.”

UV-C Technologies, LLC is a U.S. based company that specializes in disinfection through the utilization of UV-C energy. Question or inquiries can be sent to [email protected] More information can be obtained at

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