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Kingdom Centre launches its ‘Kingdom Summer’ event

Kingdom Centre has launched its ‘Kingdom Summer’ event Festival for the period from 6 June and until the 14th of June. The event, which goes in Line with the Riyadh Festival for Shopping and entertainment, incorporates many traditional and artisanal displays reviewing the history and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to a fine arts exhibition for Saudi Artists.

The exhibit includes traditional Saudi art inspired by the history and heritage of the country and other traditional handicraft items made directly in front of the visitors and shoppers. There is also a Corner displaying ancient children toys, some of which are more than 40 years old. In addition to the display of a Traditional vintage Bentley and Ford Cars.

The exhibition also includes items made by productive families, such Sadu and Saaf Palm products, decorative items, decorated quilts and handmade wool clothes. In this traditional atmosphere, a traditional Majless is displayed, decorated by traditional coffee tools and set, next to a multicolor Hennah design corner for Women.

Saudi Artists display some of their art to the public and complete their paintings, live in front of the people, while telling them about it and about the artistic movement in the kingdom. And their participation in the ‘kingdom summer’ event comes to spread the fine art culture among the Saudi Society.

Ms. Nada Al Ateeqi, General Manager, Kingdom Centre, said, “We are really happy to host these activities which shed light on the Kingdom’s history and to expose the work of the productive families which offer Saudi women the opportunity to join the local workforce and be a productive member of the community.”

‘Kingdom Summer Event’ is hosted in Kingdom Centre, one of Riyadh’s most famous landmarks. This Centre incorporates a large number of international brands in addition to “Ladies Kingdom” which is one of the finest shopping centres dedicated for women.