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Knorr and Lipton organize largest Iftar banquet in Egyptian history in cooperation with Egyptian Food Bank

Unilever Mashreq, represented by Knorr and Lipton have cooperated with the Egyptian Food Bank and the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade to hold Egypt’s largest Iftar banquet in Egyptian history.

The event witnessed the participation of Dr. Khaled Hanafy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade as well as more than 2,500 celebrities, socialites, football players and ordinary citizens who all participated in the Citadel’s open area.

The event is part of a new initiative known as ‘Kamel Karamak’, which was launched by Knorr and Lipton in addition to the Food Bank and sponsored by the Ministry. The campaign aims at increasing awareness of how much food Egyptians waste and how we can use leftovers to create healthy, whole means. Renowned chef, Alaa Sherbini gave a live demonstration of how to create delicacies out of leftover foods to all attendees.

During the Iftar, Dr. Khaled Hanafy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade commended on the campaign and the wonderful initiative. He stated, “All efforts of the private sector and the government should be combined to increase awareness of adjusting supply/demand variables. Internally traded food products could be marginalized at better prices if the actual purchases reflect the real levels of demand. If we waste 30% of food we buy, then the prices will be increased by a margin that we could get rid of.”

Sherine Abdel Moneim, Unilever Mashreq’s marketing director, expressed her delight at the initiative that is supported by her company by stating, “Kammel Karamak is a campaign that aims at adjusting unrealistic demand levels and reduce food wastes, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. We can always create healthy, whole meals using leftovers.”

Sherine expressed her concern that Egyptians waste 30% of food, which is a number that increases during the holy month of Ramadan. “This is a serious issue; Ramadan is a month of generosity, fasting and sharing with the poor. We can use food leftovers to create other meals that are healthy, wholesome that could be used with the poor.”

On his part, Moez Al-Shohdi, CEO and Co-Founder of the Egyptian Food Bank, confirmed the importance of reducing the phenomenon of excessive food wastes, as the world including Egypt suffers from wasting more than 30% of the food. At the same time, there are more than 3.5 million Egyptian who suffer from malnourishment or starvation. Therefore, Food Bank is keen to collect the remaining food from facilities, hotels, and homes to recycle it and distribute it to poor people or to re-use it.

It is worth mentioning that ‘Kamal Karamak’ initiative was launched in the month of Ramadan in the current social responsibility scope of Knorr and Lipton and In light of the cooperation between private sector companies and non-governmental organizations and the government.

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