Complex Made Simple

Kone launches new innovations

KONE, one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry, has launched new innovations to make navigation through buildings ever smoother and smarter. The new KONE People Flow Intelligence suite of solutions is designed to guide building visitors and tenants effectively, smoothly and without waiting from front entrance to desired destination, while at the same time improving building security. ??

“We know that property owners and developers are under increasing pressure to ensure their tenants can move around buildings as quickly and comfortably as possible, and simultaneously provide improved security and access control. At the same time, building users expect to be able to move through various public spaces smoothly and intuitively. KONE People Flow Intelligence solutions address these demands,” says Samer Halabi, Managing Director of KONE Middle East.

The KONE People Flow Intelligence portfolio includes four product areas: access control, destination guidance, information communication, and equipment monitoring. The solutions are modular, flexible, and third-party compatible, meaning building owners can either take the whole integrated package or pick and choose the solutions they want and need to complement the existing systems in their buildings.

KONE’s new access solutions can connect elevators seamlessly with all entry points in a building, including turnstiles and automatic doors, to provide maximum security while ensuring a smooth journey. Destination solutions take into account the number of people waiting to use the elevators and their destination floors when they assign and guide individual users to their assigned elevators. This improves elevator traffic handling capacity and performance, leading to less crowded elevators, shorter travel times and fewer stops. Traditional elevator call buttons can be replaced by touchscreens in KONE’s new destination solutions. A unique destination feature is the new KONE RemoteCall? mobile application, which allows users to call an elevator from anywhere in the building using their smartphone. KONE’s information screens can be placed inside elevator cars or anywhere else in a building, and can be used for example to guide building users to their destination, provide information about the building, or serve as a platform for media content. KONE’s monitoring solutions enable the surveillance of elevators and escalators in real time across multiple locations.

The new solutions combine industry-leading technology with state-of-the-art design. They are modular and flexible, adapting to clients’ changing needs. “We see a lot of potential in the new solutions especially in the Middle Eastern region. The higher the buildings get, the more intelligent they have to become to ensure a smooth and safe people flow,” concluded Samer Halabi.