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Kuwait Finance House contributes in supporting Unified GCC Traffic Week

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) contributed in supporting the thirtieth Unified GCC Traffic Week for the fifth consecutive year in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior themed “your safety is our aim”.

Such a step highlights the social responsibilities that KFH shoulders in respect of reducing traffic accidents, saving people and strengthening the GCC Cooperation areas.

KFH is keen on raising awareness and spirit of cooperation to resolve issues and problems facing the community and government.

Moreover, this support stems out from KFH’s belief of the importance of exerting efforts along with the GCC governments and their official institutions to reduce traffic accidents that yearly cause the death of many people, in addition to urging people to apply the traffic rules and behaviors in a perfect way.

KFH is committed to embody safety approach on ground noting that raising the awareness of the dangers of traffic accidents and working to maintain the safety of everyone on the roads is not only the responsibility of the traffic sector but also the responsibility of all institutions of society.


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