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Kuwait Finance House launches KFH capital

General Manager International Banking and Acting Chief Investment Officer at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Shaheen Al-Ghanem, said that the launching of KFH Capital Investment Company is one of the fruits of implementing the new investment strategy of KFH Group that relies on investment, and on consolidating similar paradigm businesses in independent companies, such as KFH Real Estate, KFH Investment, and KFH Capital.

He added that the setting-up of this new company marks the completion of the restructuring process. He also noted that now there are three specialized companies that work at various fields to meet the same strategic objectives locally, regionally, and globally.

Al-Ghanem stated that the new company will replace KFH subsidiary Al-Muthanna, and the company’s general assembly approved the changing of the name to KFH Capital. He explained that the new company will shoulder its responsibility according to KFH’s approved strategy. He went on to say that the new company will play a prominent role in increasing profitability through fees of services offered to clients, whether corporations or individuals; thus diversifying and increasing sources of profit through embarking on new investment fields.

Moreover, Al-Ghanem mentioned that the company’s main objectives are setting up and managing investment funds on behalf of corporations and individuals, managing the issuance of shares in investment funds, mediating local and global shares and stock, structuring companies, managing assets and portfolios, offering consultations, in addition to preparing feasibility studies and technical reports and managing the money of private and public corporations.