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Kuwaiti-origin exports to world countries hit KWD9 million

September’s exports witnessed 74 per cent drop compared with same month last year

Total Kuwaiti origin exports during September amounted to more than KWD9 million distributed to Arab countries and the rest of the world.

Exports to Arab countries amounted to roughly KWD4m, accounting for 40 per cent of the total Kuwaiti-origin exports, while the rest of the world’s countries accounted for 60 per cent, achieving KWD6m, reports Gulf 24.

September’s exports witnessed a 24 per cent drop compared with the previous month and a significant 74 per cent drop compared with the same month last year.

According to the monthly report issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Iraq was the largest importer of Kuwaiti-origin exports among Arab countries, accounting for 27 per cent of the total exports to the Arab countries, followed by Jordan with 25 per cent (KWD956,000).

Algeria came in third place with 11 per cent (KWD413,000), then Egypt with ten per cent (KWD384,000).

The rest of the exports to the Arab countries during September 2015 were distributed to Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Sudan.

(KWD1 = AED12.08, at the time of publishing)