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Kuwait’s KFH holds honoring ceremony

Al-Nahedh: Service Quality Key Player in Increasing KFH’s Market Share.

Chief Executive Officer at Kuwait Finance House (KFH), Mazin Saad Al-Nahedh, stressed that service quality is a key player in increasing KFH’s market share, encountering competition while achieving the best returns for shareholders and depositors.

It also maintains KFH leading position and pioneering role in the Islamic finance industry.

Al-Nahedh added, during an honoring ceremony held for the distinguished employees at customer service in presence of a number of KFH officials, that excellent service is the main means to reinforce relationships with clients and affirm the positive image that matches KFH’s status.

KFH attaches great interest to its manpower by rewarding and motivating them as they are the frontline employees of KFH where clients evaluate the bank through their attitude and service.

Moreover, Al-Nahedh explained that KFH focuses on integrated services that comprehend high caliber human resources, state of the art products and services, advanced information technology and streamlined work procedures. This will spur growth and ensure customer satisfaction.

Al-Nahedh expressed his appreciation to the distinguished employees for their outstanding performance and excellent service.

He urges all employees to exert more efforts and assume responsibility for the sake of maintaining the pioneering position of KFH and meeting clients’ aspirations and ambitions.