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LAU inaugurates its ‘KidzMondo’ establishment

After signing a partnership deal to be the sole university establishment at KidzMondo, an innovative project that gives children a glimpse into their professional future and demonstrates the significant role higher education can play in their lives, the Lebanese American University (LAU) inaugurated its establishment at KidzMondo.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra, Provost Dr. George K. Najjar and LAU Executive Officers, in the presence of Ali Kazma, Roy Boustany, Mark Harb and Mirna Souaid representing KidzMondo.

“Make education for children fun and exciting and they will thrive,” Dr. Jabbra said following the ribbon cutting. “I want to take this opportunity to salute the creators of KidzMondo for having the determination to translate that great idea into a reality for kids to enjoy, to learn and to feel that they are given the opportunity that they are the leaders of tomorrow,” he added.

On their behalf, the KidzMondo team presented the audience with the steps that students should follow in order to receive their degrees and to the advantages that LAU establishment offers them.

Jabrra emphasized the importance of this collaboration particularly in serving the community we live in and that is to do everything you can in order to open doors for other and to sacrifice for others and to make sure that your gifts make a difference in the lives of young people.

KidzMondo and LAU are main contributors to the society’s making and wellbeing where they instill in our young people a culture of giving and of doing things for others and this is one of the main driving forces behind our LAU mission.

Finally, Dr. Jabbra saluted KidzMondo and LAU’s team, who made this step possible.