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Lebanese government’s annual spend on wages and salaries exceeds $250 million

Outlay on social services rises by 65.45 per cent

The state’s expenditure on wages and salaries amounted to LBP388 billion ($257.38 million) per year, according to a monthly report released by the Lebanese Ministry of Finance.

According to the report, the spend on wages and salaries increased by 7.78 per cent, mainly as a result of the 1.51 per cent annual increase of remuneration, which amounted to approximately LBP269bn ($178.44m), Aliqtisadi reports.

The outlay on social services also rose by 65.45 per cent per year to LBP91bn ($60.36m) in addition to expenses on compensation development, estimated at 5.56 per cent, i.e., roughly LBP19bn ($12.60m) as well as the cost of other allocations, which fell by 71.43 per cent per year to LBP6bn ($3.98m).

It is noteworthy that the spend on monthly remuneration for the public sector reached LBP360bn ($238.81m) during 2014.

(LBP1 = AED0.0024, at the time of publishing)