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Lesaffre’s new range of probiotic yeasts and bacteria on show at Arab Health-Medlab 2015

Lesaffre Human Care, the human health and nutrition division of the French group Lesaffre, will be showcasing its probiotic yeasts and bacteria marketed under the Lynside Pro and Probisis brands at the next edition of Arab Health-Medlab to be held in Dubai, UAE from 26 to 29 January 2015.

Lynside Pro is a range of probiotic yeasts.
1.Lynside Pro SCB, Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii, is the world’s most widely studied and documented probiotic yeast. It reduces diarrhoea and reinforces intestinal health.

2.Lynside Pro GI+, is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, selected and patented by Lesaffre, from amongst thousands of proprietary strains, for its effects against abdominal pain and intestinal bloating and its ability to reduce intestinal discomfort.

The many successful preclinical and clinical trials carried out on Lynside Pro GI+ will lead to communications in scientific conferences and publications in international journals.

Lesaffre Human Care will also be displaying Probisis BS, a new specific probiotic strain, patented and clinically tested to strengthen the body’s natural defences against harmful external factors. This Bacillus subtilis was specially selected and studied for its immune-stimulating properties.

The spore-forming ability of this strain offers many benefits including a high stability at ambient temperature in its original packaging as well as in dose form under drastic conditions. Probisis BS can also withstand passing through the gastro-intestinal tract thereby making it more effective in the intestines. The pre-clinical trials and clinical trials carried out successfully on Probisis BS have proven its ability to significantly heighten the immune defences of seniors in particular and protect them from infection.

Benoît Laplaize, Sales Manager at Lesaffre Human Care, stated: “Middle East markets are very active and we have identified a high need for our products on these markets. We intend to use our first participation at this exhibition as a means of gaining insight into the business practices of the region and thereby secure new opportunities.”

Lesaffre Human Care manufactures and sells bulk ingredients and probiotics in various forms (capsules, blister packs and pouches) to formulators and importers of ingredients and finished products. These products are intended for companies in the nutritional supplements and medicines sectors.