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LG Electronics recognizes women in the media

Celebrating International Women’s Day, LG Electronics (LG) recognized women who had made their mark on the print, audio, visual, and online media scenes in Jordan.

LG received those active women at a celebratory event it held on the evening of Monday March 10th, 2014 at the Le Meridien Hotel in Amman under the Patronage of H.E. Mr. Saleh Al Qallab Member of the Senate and Former Minister of Culture. Before a crowd of Jordanian media representatives, it honored six women in the media, recognizing their coverage of pressing social issues related to women’s affairs, humanitarian affairs, and social development.

“We held this event in line with our beliefs that women are the main pillars of the social and cultural development of any community. Their contribution to any society’s advancement is vital” said PR Manager LG Electronics Levant Ms. Batoul Arnaout “, we believe that women contribute to the enhancement of all sectors, and in this event we are celebrating their contributions to the media sector in particular.”

Arnaout added that LG had honored these women in appreciation of their role in spreading community knowledge and awareness over the years, and in recognition for the positive change they have made in the community whether by satisfying their own ambitions or by revealing truths about pressing issues affecting the masses. Their contributions have served to enhance the media arena and they have significantly educated people in general. Consequently, LG looks forward to recognizing more women in the media throughout the coming years, encouraging them to continue to spread knowledge.

More specifically, the celebration featured the honoring of Editor and Investigative Reporter Hanan Kiswani from Al Ghad Newspaper, Jordan Times Reporter, Rana Husseini, JTV Producer and Screenwriter Arwa Al Zobi, Health Reporter at Jordan News Agency Amal Al Tamimi, Manager of BeAmman Portal and Founder of the “Go Local, Support Local” initiative Lama Qaddoumi, and Radio Al Balad Correspondent, Asma’ Raja.

It is worth noting that LG Electronics had founded the LG Media Club in 2005, an entity through which it had been empowering media representatives and enabling them to better spread their message to the world. Through this endeavor the company is strengthening its partnership with the media, which is a partnership founded originally on trust and respect. Furthermore, it is maintaining strong ties with the media and honoring good work that contributes to community growth.