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‘Little Superstars’ grab spotlight at Dubai Festival City

The famed pre-school group from the acclaimed international show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ performed for over a hundred of children for free at Dubai Festival City Mall.

The group composed of ‘Little Gaga’, ‘Micro Jackson’, ‘Baby Beyonce’, ‘Mini Madonna’ and ‘Junior Bieber’ wowed the audience with their signature moves that perfectly imitates the most iconic stars of our generation.

“The whole show is superb! It is really amazing to see those kids that I can just see on television performing live on stage – and for free! Dubai is really doing a great job with Dubai Shopping festival, offering stunning performances like Little Superstars and my kid absolutely enjoyed the entire show” says Assaad Hamze about her four year old kid Malak who was firmly seated on the stage applauding every ‘star’ that comes out of the stage. “I love dancing and singing too” Malak added.

Xian Rex is just three years old but his father couldn’t stop him from dragging them to the show “We were just here to shop and we heard great music from the stage and he really dragged us here to see it” says Rexford Ilagan “After a while, we found out that it’s ‘Little Superstars’ and he really enjoyed their performances especially ‘Junior Bieber’ because he listens to him almost every day. Someday, he could be performing on stage too because he really loves dancing and he is not afraid of the crowd” Rexford added.

Aymen brought his one year old kid to the show even he cannot fully perceive it. “The language of music is powerful enough and it caters to people of any age. I believe that we should expose our kids to actual socialization and good entertainment, plus me and my wife, indeed, also enjoyed it” says the father of Aghyed. “The show is super excellent and we can’t help but get funky with these famous songs. I hope my kid will be a star someday as well” Aymen added.

The show ended with the ‘Little Superstars’ personally going down the stage to shake hands with the audience. Parents and kids made a round of applause and everyone egressed with a wide grin on their faces. Families can also share their DSF experiences with others on the festival’s official social media accounts using the hashtag #myDSF.

Set to be the biggest in the history of the festival, DSF 2015 is organised by DFRE and will run from 1 January to 1 February 2015, offering more than 150 citywide attractions and mega events, numerous shopping opportunities and winning options for visitors from around the world.