Complex Made Simple

L’oréal Levant holds its fifth edition of “citizen day” with SoS Children’s Village Bhersaf

Each year, L’Oreal employees from around the world engage in social-outreach activities as part of “Citizen Day”, a day dedicated to supporting local communities and partner organizations.

On May 30 2014, L’Oreal citizen day took place in Lebanon. During this day 170 L’Oreal employees, including senior management, volunteered to engage in socially responsible activities to help our communities and give back to our society.

For five years in a row now, L’Oreal Lebanon collaborates with nonprofit associations and engages in different activities that made noticeable changes in the lives of the beneficiaries of these associations. Past experiences included partnerships with SOS, Caritas and Jouzour Loubnan.

“At L’Oréal we strongly believe that it is very important for a successful company to also be a great citizen, and to share its success with its local communities. Thus we wanted our Citizen Day to be a time for sharing, and for turning towards others. On the 5th anniversary of the citizen day, all L’Oreal Levant colleagues hand in hand was able, once again, to make a real difference in the daily life of SOS Children’s village and let them see the world around them colorful and much more beautiful”, said Malek Bekdache, Managing Director of L’Oreal Levant.

This year by partnering again with SOS, each of L’Oreal’s employees in Lebanon was busy all day in renovation activities: Painting old places to turn it more vivid, repairing and repainting the basketball court, turning a storage room into a tidy playroom where children can enjoy their free time.

“This day is a unique and remarkable experience of teamwork that makes us more eager to continue our mission. If L’Oreal decided, on its Citizen Day, to partner once again with SOS children’s village, this is because we both believe that “WE ALL HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY…” said Mr. Jean Paul, Director of SOS children’s village Bhersaf.

All L’Oreal Levant’s employees and SOS Kfarhay families gathered afterwards around a pleasant meal to share their civic engagement, which is at the heart of L’Oreal’s values and culture.

To end this beautiful day, children and staff inaugurated the new places totally renovated. Yet another time, L’Oreal proves with its actions, that beauty has the power to change the lives of SOS children’s village and to draw a smile on more than 60 children in SOS Bhersaf.