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Madi introduces world-class Kemon Hair solutions & innovation in Oman

Madi International, one of the leading distributors of internationally reputed professional beauty brands across the entire Middle East, today announced the launch of world-class Kemon hair care and styling solutions in the Omani market, bringing the global innovation to the beauty-conscious consumers in the country.

The leading Italian professional hair care solutions, which has helped the crowning glory of hair lovers across the globe for over 55 years, enjoys market leadership in over 40 countries – thanks to its high quality ingredients which are inspired by nature and fashion across three verticals – technical, care and styling.

Since its inception, Kemon has been dedicated to technically excellent products, with an emphasis on hair color and specific care treatments. The Technical range includes Cramercolor, Y Color System, Lunex System, Unamy; the Care range encompasses Actyva while the Styling range includes Hair Manya.

Kemon provides world-class quality and the launch in Oman is integral to this strategy. Over the years, Kemon has invested heavily on its products, research and development and is a key partner to a number of fashion shows globally. No wonder, it is expected that this brand will be a runaway success in Oman.

Kemon comes in an array of different product range, be it Cramercolor classic permanent cream hair coloring that offers high reliability, good value for money and long-lasting solution. It comes in 91 mixable shades across 21 series. Similarly, the Lunex System offers specific solutions for every lightening need, and extends multiple bleaching services while the Actyva complete hair treatment option in the Care Range offers personalized services with its hi-tech formulations and exclusive salon professional solutions.

On the whole, Kemon maintains and develops the best professional talents with the final aim of creating lost-lasting bonds among the company, its clients, its suppliers, and its community.