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Markaz raises its cooperation with Kuwait Red Crescent Society

Through an internal donation campaign for Syrian nation among its employees

Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz” announced raising the level of its cooperation with Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS). The cooperation focused on supporting KRCS’s efforts in alleviating the humanitarian crisis of Syrian people.

To this end, Markaz launched an internal fundraising campaign among its board of directors and employees, and submitted the donations to KRCS who will deliver it to affected Syrian families.

Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s Chairman, thanked Markaz on behalf of the Society’s Board and volunteers. He said that funds raised by Markaz would bring much needed help to those affected by the Syrian crisis, which left thousands of refugees in neighboring countries.

He added: “The Kuwaiti private sector has consistently supported humanitarian relief efforts and reacted immediately in times of disaster to extend their support. Markaz’s donation is yet another valuable contribution to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees. The initiative is a testimony of Markaz employees’ compassion and sense of humanitarian duty.”

Dr. Al-Sayer explained that KRCS is contributing to refugees by providing them with urgent humanitarian relief supplies, meeting their needs and supporting them. He also stressed on the significant role of the State of Kuwait in leading humanitarian initiatives in the world, noting that extending a helping hand to those in distress has always been an integral value in the Kuwaiti culture.

Mr. Alrazi Al-Budaiwi, Assistant Vice President – Media and Communications at Markaz, said: “Syrian people are living one of the most distressing humanitarian crises in modern history. Therefore, we decided to partner with KRCS as the society is well-positioned to efficiently deliver the donations of our board members and employees to Syrian refugees and distributing them to those in need.”

Al-Budaiwi added: “We are committed at Markaz to continue cooperating with Kuwaiti non-profit and humanitarian organizations such as Kuwait Red Crescent Society, which enjoys credibility and maintain a strong track-record in humanitarian work in Kuwait and around the world. We also strive to strengthen this cooperation within our corporate social responsibility strategy, which is built on three pillars: a) Human capacity building, b) Adapting our broader business environment to the best practices of investment and corporate governance, c) and introducing principles of good governance in the business environment.”