Complex Made Simple

Marketers’ frustrations addressed at ESOMAR

The on-going mismatch between what consumers say versus what they do highlights an urgent need for renewed integrated research methodologies and innovative data analytics, according to TNS MENA, the world’s largest custom market research organisation.

“Using simple but predictive research survey methods, that connects with what consumers actually do can help marketers develop accurate and realistic brand building and brand activation propositions,” said Steve Hamilton-Clark, CEO, TNS MENA.

TNS MENA’s syndicated benchmark study – Brand Health Tracking Norms – is unique to the region and reflects on actual consumer decision-making with regards to Middle Eastern brands. The benchmark is based on over 300,000 consumer conversations spanning more than 120 brands, including 45-plus FMCG, durable and financial categories across the GCC region.

Over 150 regional marketers will be presented with this new thinking and its related tracking methodologies at the upcoming ‘Getting More with Less through Shorter and More Predictive Surveys’ session at the ESOMAR Best of MENAP 2014 conference being held on March 12, 2014.

“This study underlines the key challenge marketers’ face, that while brands are capturing more customer and industry data than ever before, marketers report common problems in accessing and leveraging it in the most meaningful ways,” added Hamilton-Clark.

“Customer insights are at crossroads, as we need to know what our marketing customers expect from us, why markets fail to treat respondents as humans when it comes to decision making, and how people make choices in markets that are more dynamic!”

However Hamilton-Clark said that these challenges are not stopping marketers from increasing their spend on customer engagement. In fact, the TNS Norms program reveals that market surveys must be precise, smarter, engaging, relevant & predictive to achieve the right data, in order to make right decisions.

“Keeping these principles in mind, as well as being mindful of survey length, improves data quality and results in effective decision-making before reaching any market segments.”

“The Middle East has always been a commercial powerhouse in global terms, and moreover demand from its market research community to be an ‘insight powerhouse’ gives the region an opportunity to effectively contribute by building intelligent, adaptive surveys that save time and predict responses,” Hamilton-Clark concluded.

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