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Mashreq Bank: Pioneer user of NCR financial solutions

Mashreq bank, one of the largest banks in the UAE, will be the first in the region to use American computer hardware, software and electronics company NCR’s tablet based interactive banker in a bit to help customers complete their transactions faster, according to a statement published Tuesday by the US firm.

“Mashreq Bank will be the first in the region to deploy NCR’s tablet-based Interactive Banker, targeted to help financial institutions to transform their branches by converting branch tellers into financial advisors. Aided by this innovative solution, tellers can come out from behind their counters to help customer’s complete transactions faster,” said the statement.

Omnichannel solutions

NCR Corporation is a global leader in omnichannel solutions, which are used to improve customers’ experiences by using applications in different sectors such as financial services, retail and telecommunications industries and many others.

These solutions allow customers to be in constant contact with a company through multiple avenues at the same time.

Sandeep Chauhan, Head of Operations and Technology at Mashreq Bank, commented on the new move by saying that it helps ensuring uninterrupted availability of services and delivering exceptional banking experience to customers at the time and channel of their choice.

“The efficiency and secure transactions led by centralisation of tellers, coupled with the integration of NCR Interactive Services, allows us to transform our customer interaction model,” he said.

‘Great customer service’

The statement issued by NCR said that the Interactive Banker allows Mashreq Bank’s universal agent to monitor the customers’ transactions on its latest ATMs rolled-out in its modern branches.

“The technology helps the bank turn smart data into great customer service by using real-time customer information so the best assisted service is offered to the customer when needed. With a dashboard view, banks can allocate multiple advisors to multiple devices to achieve maximum efficiency, better serve their customers and make efficient use of staff time to focus on customer service and cross-selling,” it said.

Moreover, Mashreq Bank will deploy NCR’s software-based Interactive Teller technology that allows a live teller to take remote control of an ATM to assist customers to do all transactions typically completed by tellers inside a branch, according to the statement.

‘Available across platforms’

“Interactive Teller lets financial institutions offer access to teller services during non-traditional banking hours and build new small-footprint branches to provide full teller services in areas not served by branches. Mashreq’s customers can execute a host of branch banking transactions such as intelligent cash and cheque deposit, bill pay, new account opening and loan initiation using this machine,” it said.

Wael El Aawar, vice president, NCR Financial Services for Middle East and Africa, emphasised the importance of this move, saying: “Consumer demand for digital access has highlighted the inefficiencies of current infrastructure and accelerated demand for a robust omnichannel customer interaction model that makes banking services available at all times and across platforms.”

He added that Mashreq Bank understands the value of being accessible and available to customers when and where they require. “Our innovative omnichannel technologies allow the bank to extend their digital brand footprint and physical reach to engage more customers, sell new services and increase revenue,” he noted.