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Mashreq continues to blaze a winning trail in UAE

Mashreq strengthens its position as the country’s all round leader with six wins from Banker Middle East Product Awards.

Mashreq, one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions, has added six outstanding accolades from the prestigious Banker Middle East Product Awards to the market leading haul of awards in the past 12 months. Thus underscoring its leadership in the UAE banking industry. The wins cover key Mashreq businesses including Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Premium and Business Banking and cementing the Bank’s reputation for innovation and excellence in service.

The wins, which were announced at Banker Middle East’s Product Awards 2015, come as Mashreq continues to report market-leading financials and continues leading the way with new product launches and innovations. The awards are for the Best Premium Banking Service (Mashreq Gold), Best Mobile Banking Service (Mashreq Snapp), Best Real Estate Advisory (Mashreq Real Estate), Best Self Employed Finance (Mashreq Self-Employed Loan), Best Debit Card (Mashreq Visa Infinite Debit Card) and Best SME Exchange Service (Mashreq SMEXchange).

Farhad Irani, Head of Retail Banking Group at Mashreq, said: “We at Mashreq are thrilled to be accorded with six major awards. To us this means a reaffirmation of customer trust and appreciation which in turn motivates all of us at Mashreq to try harder, smarter and differently each day. The pursuit of retail banking excellence is a journey and milestones crossed allow a learning organization to sharpen proposition, service and delivery to the individual and small business customer.”

Irani added, “Retaining the title of Best Retail Bank in the UAE is a challenging task as this accolade calls upon us to constantly innovate, enhance proposition value and make the customer experience an enjoyable and simplistic one. It’s not about being the biggest but the most profitable, it’s not about the number of customers but the service we provide to each one that has chosen Mashreq, it’s not about the size of the sales team but the quality and value of the financial proposition we have on offer. Ultimately it’s about decades of trust built on the quality of the last transaction. Thank you UAE for showering us with six big awards, this will certainly make us redouble our effort to serve you better.”

John Iossifidis, Head of the Corporate Banking Investment Group at Mashreq, said: “Third-party endorsements, such as winning these accolades, mean a lot to us and reinforce the innovative position the Bank has carved out over many decades operating in the UAE. Many different Mashreq businesses have been recognized, ranging from Mashreq Gold as the best premium banking service, to Mashreq Real Estate being named as the best real estate advisory. They are testament to the hard work, commitment and technical prowess demonstrated by the customer focused teams in the Bank.”

The Banker Middle East Product Awards are held annually and showcase financial institutions that are truly innovative and pioneering in their respective areas of finance. They are designed to recognize banking and financial products and services that are either exceptionally innovative or have witnessed excellent financial performance or transference of market share.