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Mazda Oman extends support to Hiroshima

Mazda Oman extended key support to Hiroshima – ‘City of Peace’ photo exhibition that was recently held at Muscat Grand Mall. The exhibition took the viewers on a long journey from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima which devastated the city on August 6, 1945, to its current state as a beautiful city which promotes peace. It was hosted by the Embassy of Japan in Oman and Mazda Oman was one of its sponsors.

The City of Peace exhibition featured more than 60 photos and diagrams showing the immediate effects of the bombing on the people and the city, the science behind the atomic bomb, the recovery and rebuilding of the city, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Itsukushima Shrine, which are both World Heritage Sites. Huge number of visitors stopped to catch a glimpse of a city that rallied to become what it is today.

A senior spokesperson of Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the sole distributors of Mazda range in Oman, commented: “It is popularly said Hiroshima is Mazda, and Mazda is Hiroshima. The first factory of Mazda was set up at Hiroshima in 1920. In 1994, Mazda Museum was built there that exhibits the 90-year old history as well as the technology and rotary engine of the Japanese automaker. Little wonder Mazda’s philosophy and approach of ‘defying conventions’ and ‘never give up’ have been hugely influenced by its place of origin. Hiroshima is an example of remarkable resilience that any city can have. The way it has bounced back from complete devastation to becoming a beautiful city of peace is something that international community can learn from. We at Mazda Oman salute the people of Hiroshima and any support we extend in any form is less as compared to the huge learnings that we have got from Hiroshima.”

Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology and Wankel engine are leading examples of the defying convention spirit of Mazda. “Mazda is a different kind of car company. This comes from the many challenges it has faced in the past. It also comes from the unique way in which the people who work at Mazda see the world. Where others would see conventions as things that need to be followed, we see conventions as things that need to be challenged to make things better. This way of thinking has served us well and has led to some truly ground breaking engineering, which you can experience in every Mazda we make. We are proud of that, and we would not have it any other way,” the TAC spokesperson added.

TAC makes owning a Mazda extra pleasant with its efficient after sales service and quick response time. With a network of 13 service outlets and 10 parts outlets spread across Oman, TAC is the only Mazda distributor in the world to win the Mazda Customer Service award five times in a row and the Superbrands award in the GCC region. With 98.2 per cent parts deliverability, TAC also offers quick, efficient service with genuine parts available for all models and have highly trained staff who pride in their quality of service.