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Mazoon Electricity Company continues to focus on customer service trainings

“Customer service is at the center of everything that Mazoon Electricity Company does.

Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC) –Part of Nama Group- continuously strives to create a positive experience for its customers.

“Customer service is at the center of everything that Mazoon Electricity Company does.

The team’s customer service department revolves around developing relationships with the customers and keeping the company’s customers informed on updates as they happen. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to continually improve what they do, which means they must work on customer service consistently.” Stated Masoud Ali Mohamed Al Maskary – Senior Human Resources Manager

Mazoon Electricity Company has seen continues successes in increasing the skill level of the company’s employees, which has been done through different training programs designed to deliver excellent customer service. Total Human Capital Investment in 2015 is almost OMR 40000 for almost 90 employees enrolled in multiple training programs at the Utilities Center for Competences Development (UCCD), which was set up in partnership between Electricity Holding Company to increase the skill level of employees working in the electricity sector of the Sultanate.

The courses include a customer care-training element where concepts of customer driven excellence and effective customer care techniques are taught and practiced. Another important part of the training is problem solving and decision making; which looks at how problems are viewed, analyzing the root of the problems, methods of tackling issues, creative approaches to tackling problems and delivering customer oriented solutions.

Salim Said AL Kamyani – Senior Manager Commercial Affairs stated “The aim of any service focused business is to be a part of a customer’s life and to remove roadblocks, the key to that is to be effectively accessible. Our customer service team is that link as they are the ones who are the ones who will work to achieve what our customers expect of us”.