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Mazoon Electricity Company puts safety at the core of its business

Mazoon Electricity Company is committed to sustaining a health and safety culture across all of its business units

With 521 employees, Mazoon Electricity Company has challenged itself to build the safest work place culture possible.

Recently its key executive team completed a leadership programme which focused on ensuring that health and safety remained a key pillar for the organization and at the core of its corporate culture.

The two day workshop was facilitated by Nick Wharton, a principal consultant at JOMC and a thought leader in creating an engaged and positive safety culture within organizations.

Mazoon Electricity Company is committed to sustaining a health and safety culture across all of its business units. CEO Zahir Abdullah AlAbri said, “We are mindful that our employees work hard for the good of our company. It is our priority to ensure that they have a safe environment to work in, and that they are also knowledgeable in all safety aspects pertaining to their job. There should be limited risk associated with doing your job well, once the right procedures are in place. Safety does not come around by accident, most accidents happen because they have not been prevented. The most important thing at the heart of Mazoon Electricity Company is our employees. We want them to go home safely to their families at the end of the working day.”

The HSE Leadership Workshop discussed the safety culture journey and challenged the participants to alter their mindsets to become more safety aware. The participants learnt ways to inspire their colleagues to want to work and behave safely, and to promote strong and active safety leadership from the top right through the organization. They looked at how great leadership can get people to believe in what they are doing and see that it is important. By the end of the course they knew that they, as the leadership of Mazoon, would have acquired new ways to motivate their colleagues to work at the optimum safety levels.

Mazoon’s HSE Manager, Saleem Nasser Al Mahrooqui said, “We have many employees out in the field and we have to ensure that all of our team are Health and Safety conscious, be they internal or remote. We are constantly identifying our main hazards and assessing our risks. This leadership workshop went a step further; it has given us new ways to be proactive and to integrate occupational health and safety management into the general management system of Mazoon.”

Occupational Health and Safety in Oman is regulated by the Ministry of Manpower and Mazoon Electricity Company works carefully within the guidelines, recognizing the importance of complying with all regional policies. The company fosters a strong and safe HSE ethos with all of its staff as well as protecting the environment and communities in which it does business. It constantly seeks opportunities to invest in new methods and technology and aims to continue to be recognized as a safe, reliable and sustainable electricity provider.

Following the workshop, the 38 attendees were keen to get back to their various teams to apply their learnings and showcase the behavior that will make Mazoon Electricity Company an even safer place to work.