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McDonald’s launches ‘Create Your Taste’ in KSA

McDonald’s Saudi Arabia Now Provides Customers the Chance to Personalize Sandwiches with ‘Create Your Taste’

McDonald’s Saudi Arabia customers will now have the chance to customize and personalize their own sandwiches according to their tastes and desires, with the launch of ‘Create Your Taste’. Starting from 19th October, at Al Zahra branch, Reza Food Services Co. Ltd., the exclusive McDonald’s developmental licensee for the Western and Southern regions of the Kingdom, will begin to integrate the platform into their restaurants.

‘Create Your Taste,’ which is a global McDonald’s platform, will allow customers to customize and create their own gourmet burgers using a pre-set list of ingredients, either via a digital kiosk.

With over 20 new ingredients to sculpt your very own burger which include avocados, jalapenos, and grilled mushrooms, customers can now have their gourmet burgers tailored in an innovative and personalized way. They will also have the opportunity to select between three signature burgers, the Classic, Grilled Thriller and Hot All Over.

Commenting on the launch of this novel concept, Mohammad Alireza, Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services, said: “The ‘Create Your Taste’ platform offers our customers the domain to express their creativity, by integrating their love for McDonald’s with their own personal tastes.”

“We are continuously striving to satisfy the different needs of our customers in every possible way. The ‘Create Your Taste’ platform showcases our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with a bespoke and unique experience that satisfies their different tastes. This premium and memorable dining experience is all about transforming our customers’ experience where is it created by them, made by us and served to them.” He added.

Customers will be able to place their orders at self-ordering kiosks using a touchscreen interface. Customers will also enjoy a complete high tech dine-in experience, where tables will have GPS devices installed so that food is delivered directly to their tables by a dedicated crew member.