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Mercedes-Benz Egypt celebrates graduation of first class of students

The First batch of Students graduate from the Mercedes-Benz Mechatronic Academy, the first of its kind in Egypt, to develop vocational training in the local market

Mercedes-Benz Egypt and Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Minister of Technical and Vocation Education and Training, celebrated the graduation of the first class of students from Mercedes-Benz Egypt Mechatronic Academy, the graduation ceremony started with a welcome tour around the academy’s classrooms and workshops where the Minister met the trainers and students, the tour was followed by a speech by the Minister and a speech by Philipp Hagenburger, CEO and Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Egypt.

The gratifying graduation ceremony was concluded by awarding the proud graduates their graduation certificates. As an industry leader and as a part of their corporate social responsibility towards the Egyptian community, Mercedes-Benz Egypt has reaffirmed their commitment to the Egyptian community, attracting and graduating qualified staff through their Mechatronic Academy that was created to complement existing vocational training in Egypt.

A pioneer in providing education with this approach, Mercedes-Benz Egypt introduced this concept and launched the academy almost two years ago in cooperation with Global Project Partners e.V., the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the International Training Consulting Department of Daimler.

“I am proud to be a part of this celebration, honoring the graduation of these ambitious, young and willful students, it is our role to guide them and give them a chance to achieve more and succeed in such a competitive work environment,” Said Philipp Hagenburger, CEO and Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Egypt.

“We are very confident that the Mechatronic Academy is a solid investment in the future of these young graduates because the most valuable asset for any company is its workforce and the key to offering the best automotive after sales services is a professionally trained work force, now after the successful launch, we are planning to enroll more students to the Mercedes-Benz Mechatronic Academy to increase our output and to raise the standard of automotive aftersales services in Egypt and qualify more and more technicians,” he added.

The academy began its first intake in October 2013, when both male and female candidates were chosen based on a number of criteria, which included candidates aged between 18-22 years old, with a technical diploma from a technical school/college, basic computer knowledge and a set of basic skills. The academy’s main goal is to attract and retain qualified staff that will help add to the productivity and efficiency of Egypt’s automotive after sales business.

This is done by providing basic technical education, developing after sales product and service knowledge, building a new generation of qualified mechatronic technicians, and enabling usage of different software through English language training. The academy curriculum is split into subjects, with several weeks given to the likes of basic information, electrical and mechanical systems, transmission systems, brakes, tires, steering, maintenance and service, suspension systems and of course on-the-job training at Mercedes-Benz authorized service centers. To encourage and retain the students, the only non-profit automotive academy provides financial allowance and transportation to the students.

The Mercedes-Benz Mechatronic Academy is one of several innovations in a line of prominent industry developments to create the highest quality training environment for students that will provide them the foundation to lead a more rewarding career.