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Mercer gauges Emirati employment attitudes in major new survey

International human resources consultancy launches poll in support of UAE Emiratization policy.

The attitudes and opinions of thousands of nationals towards employment and the workplace are being gauged in a major new survey being conducted by Mercer, a leading global consulting firm and wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan.

The company, which helps clients around the world advance the health, wealth, and careers of their most vital asset – their people, has launched the poll as part of its drive to support the UAE government’s National Agenda ambitions, which aim to achieve Emiratization objectives by the year 2021.

The first such nationwide poll that Mercer has conducted, the 2015 Emiratization Employment Survey is being sent out to decision makers, HR leaders, employers, employees and students across sectors in the UAE.

The company says that by targeting segments of the national demographic and assessing their thoughts on working life in the UAE, awareness will be generated on both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It says that employers and government agencies will be able to garner important information that will ultimately better equip them for instigating Emiratization policies and programmes to facilitate an increase in Emirati employment and workplace retention.

“The 2015 Emiratization Employment Survey links Emiratization and employee engagement in the UAE and has been specifically established to elicit the views and aspirations of UAE nationals currently in the workplace and those who are shortly to enter it. This is a prime opportunity for employers, employees and future workers to get involved in shaping the future of the UAE’s exciting and dynamic labour market, and fulfilling the UAE National Agenda objective through its 2021 vision” said Saqr Ahmed Mohamed, Principal, Talent, Mercer Middle East.

Mercer’s survey comprises three pillars; the first researches the perspectives of employers in the UAE, the second gauges the opinions of current UAE nationals in the workforce and the third assesses the views of UAE national students, fresh graduates and interns. Included among the survey’s objectives are the uncovering of the practices and strategies employers are currently utilising to recruit, develop and retain UAE nationals and the establishing of what UAE nationals look for when pursuing career opportunities.

“Mercer’s 2015 Emiratization Employment Survey’s questions have been formulated to cover the spectrum of workforce engagement and aim to provide answers that will provide meaningful insights relating to remuneration, benefits, professional development, promotion opportunities, international exposure, the workplace environment and more. The information we gather will help concerned organizations whether public or private to develop effective employment packages, HR policies and programs that will not only attract but also retain Emiratis in the workplace of their choice,” added Mohamed.

Available in Arabic and English, Mercer’s 2015 Emiratization Employment Survey is open until November 15, 2015, with Mercer committed to keeping all responses confidential and anonymous. Employers participating will receive a copy of the final overall survey results and an invitation to events in Dubai to discuss its key findings.