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Meydan One takes shape as a city reimagined

Twenty minutes from the Dubai International Airport, this is a sprawling, next-gen destination filled with immersive experiences!

Meydan One features a 1-kilometer ski slope, a beach and a water park The mall concept incorporates hotels, a heritage village and a dancing fountain Meydan One will host 580 retail stores and 190 dining outlets

Meydan One, a pioneering, next-generation lifestyle and retail destination, which is currently under development as part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City in Dubai, has announced that the project is on track for its launch in early 2020 with 60% of structural work already completed. 

The Meydan One project is Dubai’s latest centerpiece development aimed at enhancing the emirate’s mall landscape through a wholly reimagined approach that combines retail, hospitality, entertainment and leisure experiences.

Strategically located at a 20-minute drive from the Dubai International Airport, Meydan One is a sprawling, next-generation destination that offers immersive lifestyle experiences, world-class design, entrepreneurship and technologies, reaffirming Dubai’s vision to become the preferred global hub for tourism and shopping.

Meydan One will integrate indoor and outdoor spaces featuring key attractions such a 1-kilometer ski slope, a heritage village, white sandy beach and water park, hotels and hotel apartments, as well as the largest dancing water fountain in the world. 

Speaking on the progress of the project, Fahad Kazim, Vice President – Meydan Malls, Meydan Group, said: “We are changing the way the Middle East thinks of mall concepts today. Meydan One has been envisioned as a ‘place for everyone’, which means it seeks to accommodate varied needs and expectations. We are doing this through collaborating with the community to create a highly-integrated multifunctional hub for all nationalities and segments of the population. In addition, we are aiming to ensure that the space has a significant layer of digitisation to allow us to connect with consumer needs in a wholly unique way.”

Upon completion, Meydan One will host 580 retail stores including 30 anchor stores and 80 flagship luxury stores, 190 dining outlets and a 13,200-square metre hypermarket. These will be located across indoor and outdoor spaces oriented by an iconic retractable sky lit atrium space named the “Canyon” measuring 160 metres by 100 metres, featuring flexible areas for events and entertainment as well as unique al fresco dining experiences.

Erik Hokanson, Design Director, AE7, the full-service architectural firm behind the development of Meydan One, said: “Meydan One is being purpose-built to offer an exceptional community and retail experience. As the destination materializes, we are seeing its unique elements coming together to deliver an all-encompassing lifestyle hub. Right from the planning to its construction, Meydan One incorporates progressive and sustainable design to align with Dubai’s iconic infrastructure and vision to be at the centre of the global tourism and business landscape. This is certainly slated to become an integral part of Dubai’s entertainment and retail experience.”

Meydan One aims to integrate a new approach to leasing contracts by moving away from traditional approach to tenant-landlord relationships. “The dynamics of the tenant-landlord relationship used to be quite different, and is changing for the better. Critical insights need to be exchanged between the tenant as well as landlord, while educating each other, building a robust, successful and trustworthy relationship,” says Kazim. 

Seeking to drive startup innovation in the region, Meydan One will also feature an incubation district as a fully-enabled plug-and-play facility for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty and F&B, among others. These dedicated startup spaces will offer tenants competitive leasing incentives and positioning through careful curation, mentorship and support to take new businesses from emerging brands to global ones – born in Dubai and proudly nurtured in Meydan One.