Complex Made Simple

Mikyajy launches voluminous lip shades to dress you up this Eid

Seeking inspiration from the season’s best beauty trends, Mikyajy, region’s favorite make-up brand has launched the all new Color & Gloss and Glow Gloss from its hot-selling Sabaya range.

A beauty roundup dedicated to divas who love to pose with a pronounced pout, the new Sabaya Color & Gloss range is a true celebration of luxe colors that will light up your festive moments this Eid. Featuring a unique double-ended format, the Color & Gloss is a rich silky matte color at one end and a matching ultra-comfortable lip gloss on the other. With a flicker of sophistication, all colors in this range embody feminine grace and are a perfect complement to natural beauty. This color and gloss matched super duo is extremely convenient to carry and stays in perfectly be it a clutch or a hand bag. Long-lasting hues stay on for a velvety finish while the ultra-shine gloss enriched with SPF 6 completes the look for a moisturised effect.

This festive season, gift your luscious lips a high vinyl shine with the all new Sabaya Glow Gloss. A heavy dose of anti-oxidants, this full and creamy lip gloss also makes for an ultimate lip protection. Its patented R12® technology O.R.A.C is a breakthrough cocktail of vitamins that provide low to medium coverage to deliver a fresh faced Sundance look. Coat it on any lip color or use it on its own for naturally glossy lips – this active formula is your ticket to a lusciously healthy pout.

Whether you’re looking for high gloss or intense colour, Mikyajy’s new Sabaya lip products will be the highlight of any beauty look this Eid.