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Minister of Commerce and Industry visits OCTAL’s state of the art PET Complex in Salalah

Minister of Commerce and Industry, H.E. Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidy, recently visited OCTAL’s state-of-the-art PET Complex in Salalah to gain insight into how the company has incorporated the latest technology to continue pioneering innovation in the packaging industry.

During his visit, Eng. Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Najjar, Director of Government Affairs at OCTAL, accompanied H.E. Dr. Al Sunaidi on a tour of the facility’s Research and Development Laboratory and Control Room and observed firsthand where OCTAL developed its patented direct-to-sheet DPET sheet by creating a process that eliminated the five most energy intensive stages of production to produce a stronger and more visually appealing packaging material. H.E. Dr. Al Sunaidi also met OCTAL’s employees and technicians working on various production lines within the complex.

H.E. Dr. Al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, said, “OCTAL’s facilities are incredibly impressive and represent the future of industry in Oman, where companies are capable of delivering an end-to-end service from a single site. The PET Complex shows that the infrastructure is available in the Sultanate for companies to contribute to the country’s ongoing economic development and diversification.”

H.E. also commended OCTAL’s high levels of technical and administrative expertise and added, “OCTAL embodies the knowledge-based economy that we are aiming to create across all industries and has sourced local goods to build a sustainable supply chain that benefits other local businesses. This has also helped OCTAL expand its capabilities and become a recognized global name in the packaging industry, serving customers around the world from their base in Salalah.”

“The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has supported the growth of business outside of the capital city and, since beginning operations, we have prioritized technology and innovation to drive performance, increase our manufacturing capacity and create new opportunities in the governorate of Dhofar,” said Eng. Ahmed Al Najjar, Director of Government Affairs at OCTAL, “The growing global application of our unique-to-the-world DPET is a prime example of our commitment to in-house research and development, and pioneering innovative product design and manufacturing techniques to enhance manufacturing in the Sultanate,” he added.

OCTAL is the world’s largest producer of PET sheet and resin on a single site and the world’s leading clear rigid packing material supplier, producing nearly 1 million metric tons of bottle grade PET per year. The company exports to more than 75 countries around the world and OCTAL products are used by some of the world’s most popular brands, including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, P&G, and Unilever. Today, OCTAL employs more than 600 staff members of which 25% are Omanis.

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