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MiX Telematics offers practical solutions for companies in UAE

Right time for fleet owners and managers to consider telematics solutions to control fuel consumption, says global firm .

MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, says the recent move by the UAE Ministry of Energy to deregulate prices of fuel is yet another strong reason for fleet owners and managers to consider telematics solutions to reduce fuel consumption.

Gasoline was deregulated on August 1st and a new pricing policy linked to global levels saw prices increase 24 percent overnight.

Commenting on the new policy, Brodie Von Berg, MiX Telematics Head of Sales for Middle East and Asia, said, “Deregulation should support the national economy in the long term, but companies will feel the impact immediately. That’s why it’s important for fleet managers to be proactive in ensuring the fuel efficiency of their fleets – and a proven way of doing this is through the implementation of a telematics solution.”

The global firm assures that implementing a fleet management solution, that is geared to improve driver behaviour, can help achieve instant fuel economy. Companies that have implemented such solutions have seen an average saving in fuel costs of around 10 percent. Such savings are crucial considering firstly that fuel is a major cost to those companies operating fleets; and, secondly, that the rising cost of fuel will pose one of the biggest challenges in the region for fleet operations.

“Similar to turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms at home, drivers should be guided in adopting a driving style that facilitates fuel efficiency; in essence, practising energy conservation as a daily ritual in their profession. Avoiding excessive idling and driving within the speed limit are just two examples that reflect an economic driving style,” says von Berg..

A comprehensive fleet management solution goes beyond simply monitoring and improving fuel efficiency – it also addresses areas such as vehicle utilisation, servicing and licencing, and maintenance, while helping operators to prevent the driving of unnecessary kilometres.

Fleet management solutions, such as those offered by MiX Telematics, are now more crucial than ever, as companies learn to cope with the added burden of increasing petrol prices due to the deregulation of petrol prices.