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‘Model Farm Award’ contributes to development of entire agricultural system

Participants in the Liwa Dates Festival hailed the launch for the first time this year of the ‘Model Farm Award’, noting that the competition would effectively and considerably contribute to the development of the agricultural system in farms.

The “Model Farm Award” is widely expected to encourage farmers to care about all the details at the property and improve the production through the adoption of new methods that may increase the production and upgrade its quality.

Mohammad Al Mansouri, one of the participants, noted, “Competition “is considered as one of the most effective additions to the Liwa Dates Festival.” “The launch of the Model Farm Award reflects the keenness of the Festival to stay new and renewed through providing farmers with the best methods to improve their agricultural activity,” he added.

Another participant, Salem Al Hameli, said, “The Model Farm Award will effectively contribute to the improvement of the quality of production. Each farmer will seriously work toward implementing the agricultural plans designed to serve the production at the farm so as to be able to participate in the big competition that carries valuable cash prizes.”

The new competition boasts a total value of prizes that reaches up to Dhs825,000 (Dhs400,000 for the winner of the top position; Dhs250,000 for the winner of the second position; Dhs175,000 for the winner of the third position).

The evaluation criteria for the ‘Model Farm Award’ take into consideration the methods used to get rid of harmful insects and plants, the quality and effectiveness of irrigation methods, the quality and preservation of the soil, the quality of used fertilizers, the mechanisms of waste disposal, the general appearance of the farm, and finally, the maintenance of buildings and machinery and methods used to this aim.

The evaluation mechanisms include field visits to all participating farms. The assessment of the farms does not stop at this point, as the jury will make three surprise visits, during the year and after the distribution of prizes, to make sure that winners are still committed to the competition norms and criteria.

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