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MoF meets with partners of its Resource and Budget Sector on Government Financial Statements

The Ministry of Finance (MoF), represented by the Resources and Budget Sector, has concluded today a meeting on Government Financial Statements with a set of recommendations to improve all groups’ dealings with the Ministry.

The meeting, which took place in Dubai, was attended by a number of officials from 32 independent federal entities in the UAE and aimed to further develop and strengthen the Ministry’s relations on a local, regional and international level.

During the meeting, the Resources and Budget Sector highlighted the importance of enhancing the consultation efforts with various government partners in the UAE in order to develop joint action plans, which will aid the Ministry in achieving optimum utilisation and efficiency of finance resources, practices and financial legislation.

Commenting on the meeting, HE Younis Haji Al Khouri, Undersecretary of MoF, welcomed all the participating independent federal entities and praised the Ministry’s continuous commitment to strengthening relations with its strategic partners in order to enhance knowledge sharing.

To conclude the meeting, the participants settled on a set of recommendations to enhance the partnership and collaborations with the Ministry. One of the most important recommendations listed was the need to meet deadlines in terms of data and table submission so that uploads are timely on the Emirates Gate of GFS, as well as the importance of having direct communication with members of MoF’s technical team in case of any issues and concerns regarding the system.

Participants also stressed on the need for a periodic update on the names of those working on the system from federal independent bodies in the UAE, consistency in the collection of data through the financial system, as well as facilitating communication with the Department of Coordination of Fiscal Policies in case of the need to update relevant analytical reports.