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Mondelez Egypt Foods cooperates with Food Bank to bring happiness to others in Ramadan

As usual, every year, Mondelez Egypt Foods has encouraged its employees to volunteer for two days to be considered as official working hours to help the food bank in the packaging of food and goods dedicated to the poor and needy during the holy month of Ramadan.

This year, the team of Tang, one of the products of Mondelez Egypt Foods, participated in the dispatching of food cartons alongside with other employees from the head office and company factories over the span of two days.

The participation of Tang team coincides not only with the release of new Ramadan flavors like tamarind and hibiscus in addition to apricot, but also comes through the slogan ‘Ramadan Sweeter this Year’ where new Tang flavors sachets were put inside each carton to maximize the joy and allow it to reach every needy house in Egypt.

Like last year, the participants were divided into teams, in a competitive atmosphere where the team with the largest number of cartons dispatched wins. This year the number of cartons reached to nearly 2,400 cartons.

“We always feel the happiness and warmth when we participate in such events because we deploy ourselves in the service of needy families, and we help diffusing joy and happiness into the hearts of as many Egyptians. We are possessed by a high spirit which boosts our morale and helps us overcome the heat and hardship of fasting and challenge ourselves to complete this task as much as we can,” said Ola Loutfi, Mondelez Egypt Foods Corporate and Government Affairs Manager.

“Community service and volunteer work are at the heart of our strategic priorities and we encourage our employees to participate in projects of social responsibility by enabling them to do so during business hours. Our goal is to create moments of joy and happiness, and for this we are proud to help the food bank in drawing a smile on the faces of the needy, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. This is the least we can do for the community to which we belong,” said Bassil Abu Ata, Managing Director of Mondelez Foods Egypt and the Levant.