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Movie streaming just got better; Netflix just got snubbed

Netflix, when it first came out, stunned people at the ingenious name that immediately told people what to expect. Flix or movies on the net.

Netflix is playing second fiddle to a new competitor who is stealing the spotlight, and customers with it.

Who is it? STARZ PLAY. Come to think of it; it is not a bad name either. It’s the movie stars that play and play and play over and over again, just like Netflix, only STARZ PLAY have friends everywhere.

Friends that have huge connections in the region.

So are you ready for the switch?

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Starz is bright  

What better way to grow and shine than to connect with some media powerhouses.

As the fastest growing video on demand service in the region, STARZ PLAY has benefitted from being one of the services to enjoy an extensive range of deals with telecom companies including Etisalat, du, Saudi Telecom Group, Ooredoo Group, Orange Jordan, Orange Egypt and Orange Morocco.

Did this help them? You bet.

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Superior numbers

A recent study by HIS Markit a global leader in market research revealed that the video on demand (VOD) market is on a dynamic growth.

STARZ PLAY, which just passed its 3rd anniversary, is leading the way with 26% of subscriber market share in the region compared to Netflix at 16% and ICFLIX at 11%.

STARZ PLAY is also number one in revenues, in a regional industry worth around $8 million. It garnered a 28% ($2 million) share, compared to 21%, $1.3 million for Netflix, according to Arab News, and our calculations of $10/subscriber for Netflix and $9/subscriber for STARZ PLAY, in 2017.

STARZ PLAY sees its subscribers split, almost equally, between Saudi and other countries of the GCC, the IHS Markit survey said

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No credit card? No problem

STARZ PLAY will provide its services through multiple internet protocol television systems, and even allow its customers to pay your phone bill, unlike Netflix.

This is good, especially that many residents of the region are unbanked.

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On the road to stardom

STARZ PLAY was launched back in April 2015, and since then it has grown from a start-up with a team of just 15 to an industry leader that currently employs 100 individuals.

Co-Founder of STARZ PLAY, Maaz Sheikh said: “Not only have we managed to secure investment funds of $125 million during that short time, but we have also strengthened our service exponentially with brand new features.”

“These include such as our Download function, formed a wealth of strategic partnerships with major telecommunications providers and developed a world-class technology service across all leading platforms, today we boast more than 10,000 hours of content.”