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Mowasalat pavilion attracts the attendees in the 4th Qatar Transport Forum

Mowasalat senior management made a strong representation and presented powerful and convincing presentation with three topics.

Under the honorary patronage of H. E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani, the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, the activities of the 4th Qatar Transport Forum and Exhibition concluded.

H.E. Mr. Jassem Bin Saif Al Sulaiti, the Minister of Transport delivered his speech stating the objective of the Forum to focus on the ongoing initiatives and major projects in Qatar and to encourage Private Public Partnership opportunities for SMEs to grow contributing to economic growth.

Mowasalat senior management made a strong representation and presented powerful and convincing presentation with three topics titled “Integrating people movers and public transport assets and facilities elaborating on success story of Taxi Franchise program achieved through the partnership between Mowasalat and the private sector, enhancing the fruitful collaboration in establishing highest standards in taxi service sector. The second topic was about Oman Vehicle Assembly Project; confidence & challenge, giving new dimension to Transport industry in the GCC. The third topic was about Evolving with professional expertise as Qatar’s large event transport solution provider, which is working to achieve the sustainable development through professional expertise which is one of the main pillars to support the business sector, and how it can be utilized in the events as a major provider, and support event organisers to deliver legacy in large events.

Mowasalat pavilion was honored by the visit of H. E. Mr. Jassim Saif Al Sulaiti, the Minister of Transport and Mowasalat Chairman, as His Excellency praised the company pavilion. Mr. Khalid Nasser AlHail, Mowasalat CEO, presented to H. E. a memorial shield. Mr. Khalid Nasser AlHail, Mowasalat CEO, enriched Mowasalat pavilion with an open dialogue with the transport investors and experts, explaining how to meet the market needs, and improve the services provided by Mowasalat. He also explained the regional and international future steps, and the latest developments in transport, in addition to Qatar long term investment program in the transport infrastructure. Mentioning that the future projects will focus on the collaboration between the government and the business sectors to enhance the new logistic services and facilities including multimedia transport centers, and create new partnerships for services to operate and maintain the advanced buildings and facilities which are being built along with Qatar preparations to receive FIFA World Cup 2022, and set up an advanced transport system. He commended Ministry of transport for providing such a platform to its stakeholders to come together to share knowledge & experience through various sessions and networking and establish relationship between transport and non transport sector.

Mr. Khaled Kafoud, Mowasalat PR Manager mentioned the new services of Mowasalat, which are presented in conjunction with the forum activities. As Mowasalat is launching labor buses meet the standards of the Traffic Dept. and equipped with all security and safety measures, also he presented the new school buses that will provide comfortable and safe mobility to the students.
At the end it was obvious how Mowasalat managed to utilize such events, by highlighting the challenges it overcame and the future step it will take beefing up its competencies and capabilities, with seemless communication and product line enhancement and technological advancement increasing customer base.