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Nahdi launches new campaign “Run for Hope” in Jeddah

Under its new campaign “Run for Hope” Nahdi Health Partner of the Jeddah Marathon 2015 .

Nahdi has announced its new campaign “Run for Hope” as the health partner of the 12th Jeddah Marathon, where it will sponsor the annual sports event taking place on April 21st 2015, which is being organized by AlBirSociety.

The marathon will run from the North to the South of the ObhurCorniche, where it will see an expected attendance of over 16,000 runners form across the Kingdom and around the world.

Nahdi has also signed an agreement with AlBir Society for the next three years to become the health partner of the Jeddah Marathon, with the aim of providing a healthy lifestyle for the community and participating in joint activities that meet these goals.

Eng. Yasser Joharji, CEOat Nahdi, said: “At Nahdi, our goal is to spread the culture of health awareness and prevention on an ongoing basis. In the medical community, we are considered as a preferred partner of choice, and the community and developmental role that we play is part of our strategic vision, where we hold a “community-centric focus” when participating in various community activities. We are excited and honored to be sponsors of the Jeddah Marathon, which is one of the biggest and most popular sporting events in the Kingdom.”

Eng. HosamAlqurashi, Vice President of Marketing and External Affairs at Nahdi added: “Nahdi seeks to promote the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle amongst the community, which it aims to achieve through raising awareness on the importance of an active lifestyle, leading to better overall health. For the marathon, we are eager to provide support and care for the racers, through educating them about proper nutrition and the appropriate physical rehabilitation needed before, during and after the race.”

Abdullah Bakhashab, President of the Jeddah Marathon organizing committee, said: “We are very happy and proud with such participation from Nahdi, one of the key players concerned with the public health of the community, which will enhance the success and development of the marathon.”

Dr. MahaSirajGhorab, a specialist sports dietitian, who is supervising the marathon runners’ nutritional intake throughout their marathon preparations, said: “Our aim is to spread health education to all those partaking in the marathon and we are working with Nahdi to prepare and distribute nutritional kits before, during and after the marathon, in order to compensate for all the nutrients lost during the race itself. It is inspiring to see Nahdi’s interest in the medical and nutritional aspect of this event, aiding runners in achieving the best results throughout their training and on race day. Food education is our common goal and we are joining forces in order to educate runners on the necessary nutritional requirements to fully prepare for this race in order to avoid the loss of certain nutrients that are vital for success.”

Nahdi has also partnered with Jeddah Marathon club, who will be part of the Run for Hope campaign that is sponsoring the Jeddah Marathon 2015.

Khalid Yamani, the Executive Director of the Jeddah Marathon Club, who is leading the training for the marathon runners with the support and participation of Nahdi, praised the efforts aimed at improving health through awareness programs that are targeting all segments of the community, and said: “I am thankful and grateful for Nahdi’s contribution to the Run for Hope campaign, wherein our common goals lies in spreading the running culture throughout the community, encouraging people of all ages to participate. I must also thank AlBir Society for continuing to organize the marathon, where it has now reached its twelfth year, while also spreading the culture of sports and charitable activities.”

“A marathon needs great effort and physical, mental and health preparation, and we, at the club, dedicate our time and efforts to physically and mentally train those wishing to take part and compete in such a sports event. With Nahdi’s help, we are preparing a program that ensures success for those running, through healthy tips and values,” Yamani added.

The annual Jeddah Marathon is one of the largest sporting events taking place in the Kingdom, with local participation from various regions around the nation, as well as international participation from the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Kenya, France, and even the United States. In addition, the marathon will host Saudi champions, who have taken part in many local and international marathons in the past.

Nahdi firmly pursues the concept of a “community-centric” pharmacy under the company’s strategy of the “community as the focus of our attention,” in order to highlight its role as an educational and cognitive entity that aims to improve the community, with the pharmacy holding a vital role within an integrated healthcare system.