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Nayomi celebrates an important milestone in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

In 1992, over 22 years ago, the first Nayomi store opened its doors. It was located in Jeddah and was one of the first brands the visionary Mr. Kamal Osman Jamjoom, born and raised in Jeddah, started himself.

Since then the brand has enjoyed much success, and now boasts over 185 stores across the GCC region.

“I am very humbled and grateful for the success and support Nayomi has received from the people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Mr. Jamjoom, Chairman of the Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group. “Nayomi is a trusted brand and we are part of the fabric of this society”.

To celebrate this success, on the 10th February, Mr. Jamjoom opened the doors to the flagship store in the Nayomi stable, the new Nayomi Princess Palace in Mall of Arabia in Jeddah. “This was done to honor my heritage, and the heritage of the Nayomi brand. I am proud to make this statement of support to the nation who has been so loyal to us,” said Mr. Jamjoom.

When asked about this proud moment, the Brand Director of Nayomi, Mr. Stephen Holbrook, said “Nayomi is dedicated to transforming our customers into modern day princesses, by providing them with little luxuries that are affordable. Over the years we have achieved such stunning success by staying focused on our customer, the Middle Eastern woman. In fact, we are the only nightwear and lingerie brand who have our own designers tasked with designing specifically for her.”

This beautiful store will not only showcase the entire Nayomi collection each season, but will also boast its own exclusive product ranges, including a wide selection of beautiful embroidered and silk lingerie, new and ultra-comfortable collection of loungewear, and a range of Nayomi exclusive fashion accessories, to mention only a few.

Other show stopping features of the store include a dedicated bridal area, complete with seating and a specialist assistant on hand; several beautiful and luxurious changing rooms and a stunning, large LCD screen completing the experience.

Invited guests will get the opportunity to enjoy the store on the evening of the 26th February 2014, when the official opening event will be celebrated.

“Our partners in business and the media, as well as leading members of society, are invited to join us in marking this very special occasion, and we look forward to sharing this memorable moment with them”, Mr Holbrook said.

“This is the future of Nayomi” said Mr. Jamjoom about the beautiful new store format, “a journey we are proud to embark on with the people of Saudi Arabia”.