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NBAD celebrates 2215 years of banking experience

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi recently honoured 109 long-serving NBAD employees for their loyalty and dedication to the Bank.

Twenty-one of the staffs honoured completed 35 years, 16 celebrated 25 years, and 72 marked 15 years with NBAD.

“This annual event celebrates and honours long-serving NBAD employees who reach a milestone of service to the Bank; and it reflects NBAD’s commitment to recognise those who demonstrated loyalty to the Group,” said Ehab Hassan, the Senior Managing Director & Group Chief Human Resources Officer of NBAD. “NBAD is a unique organisation in that it is one of very few companies that 30% of its employees have been with the Bank for more than 15 years.”

Mr. Hassan added: “NBAD is an exciting and challenging place to work. The opportunities for bright, intelligent individuals, who work hard and are committed, are huge as the Bank is growing in many different areas.”

Founded in 1968, three years before the union of seven emirates to found the United Arab Emirates, NBAD quickly grew and in 1975 opened its first overseas branch. Today NBAD has more than 100 branches in the UAE and is present in 18 countries, stretching from Hong Kong in the Far East to Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

NBAD is ranked in the World’s 50 Safest Banks and the Safest Bank in the Emerging Markets, as determined by Global Finance.

“I’m proud to say that NBAD’s success story mirrors the UAE growth; over the past four decades, NBAD has managed to be at the forefront of economic and social developments enabling UAE to become a top emerging economy within a very short period of time. This Bank continues to contribute to the progress of the UAE, especially by financing enormous projects in different economic sectors,” Mr. Hassan said.


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