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NCSI concludes a Training on Khareef Salalah 2014 visitors survey

The National Center for Statistics and Information NCSI has conducted a training session on a survey of Khareef Salalah 2014 visitors.

The training which was during 9-10 June focused on the procedures of counting the visitors, dealing with the visitors and how to use the devices used in collecting data.

All Khareef Salalah visitors will be calculated during the Kahreef period from 21 June- 21 September, with the aim to collect data about their nationality and place of residence. The NCSI representatives will be in Hareet Outlet and Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport to collect data from the visitors about their nationality, place of residence, and the purpose of visit and where they will stay.

The NCSI has recruited a number of citizens with temporary contracts to conduct this survey. The representatives have gone through a practical training on how to use the devices for collecting data with a direct supervising from the NCSI.