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Expert: Identifying a powerful business network-Serious players only

By- Oksana Tashakova – the brain behind QPQ International

The single most essential secret weapon of every successful business owner, including myself, is their network.

Entrepreneurs have always known the importance of who they know. Now, in this increasingly interconnected world, it is even more critical to surround yourself with the right people and corporations to further your growth.

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The Necessity of the Network

No business exists within a vacuum. The world of business is one that relies on partnerships, deals, and support. The very basis of business is in offering one thing in return for another. This transaction cannot happen without making at least one connection, if not several.

If you want to open doors to new opportunities and expand your reach and opportunities, you need to know the right people in the right positions.

Every business looking to expand their network needs to prioritize quality over quantity. A powerful network is built on a core group of high-value relationships, from which other referrals and connections can follow.

The three forms of business networking are commonly defined as operational, personal, and strategic. An article in the Harvard Business Review recently pointed out that most managers who believe they are network-savvy are only networking at an operational or a personal level.

Effective leaders are those that network strategically.

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Strategizing a Quality Core

There are certain dynamics that you may want to strategically seek out for your core ‘power’ group of business influencers.

Forbes has named some of the top spots that every entrepreneur should try to fill in their network, including the Mentor, the Coach, the Industry Insider, the Visionary, the Realist, and of course, the Partner. Most of these are self-explanatory, but the intrinsic value they add to your network will be very individualized based on your specific goals.

This is one of the key ways to measure the power of your business network. Think of each way that these connections benefit your bigger picture. What are you learning? What are you gaining? What are you inspired to do next?

If your connections are not serving your ultimate mission in any form or another, they carry no value.

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It is a Two-Way Street

 You do not want to waste your time and energy nurturing relationships that have no strategic value, and neither does anyone else on your network.

As I mentioned earlier, powerful networks are built on mutual benefit, which is why that is one of our focal points at QPQ. We understand the value of the right relationships as well as how difficult it can be to find those select few that are actually worth fostering. With all the access that the Internet has offered to businesses, there is still a lack of solid platforms for smart networking.

QPQ was created with the vision to match business owners, influencers, and top-level entrepreneurs with other people who can help – and gain – from partnership. Today’s business world is fast-paced, and no one can afford to lose time forging relationships that will amount to nothing.

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Elites Only

With this in mind, QPQ is intended only for those that have proven authority in business. This is not another meeting place for meaningless, fruitless connections. We have designed QPQ to serve serious players who have something to offer. No matter how high you have climbed, there is always something to be gained from connecting with others who took a different route to the same level.