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Networking key to finding new jobs: survey

The latest LinkedIn survey highlights the social media habits of UAE residents and "Generation C", revealing interesting insights on how people find new jobs.

Majority of UAE residents believe that finding a job happens in a matter of days Industry or company connections are key advantage when applying for new job Several respondents thought the process of finding the right job was too long

The majority of Generation C – the connected consumers who integrate technology into their daily routine – in the UAE who responded to a new LinkedIn survey believe that an outstanding resume, having a connection in the industry or company through family, friends or networking is advantageous when applying for a new job.

The Generation C survey, comprising of more than 1000 respondents, was conducted by YouGov on behalf of LinkedIn. While "Generation C" does not refer to an age group, it focuses on a demographic that is connected, digitally-savvy and actively builds online communities.

"There is a common thread that runs through our professional journeys – whatever your version of success, no man is an island and we all need others to help us meet our ambitions. Through the In It Together campaign, we celebrate the unique stories of members who have leaned on the LinkedIn community to support them in their professional journeys," said Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn Middle East and Africa.



Finding a job via social media

When asked how long it takes to apply for a new job – from updating a LinkedIn profile or resume to the search process, and to receive a formal job offer, the answer was 42 days on average.

Respondents stated that top barriers hindering them from applying to a new job were mainly the stress that accompanies finding a new job (35 percent), current economic uncertainty (31 percent), and the fear of the application getting rejected or not considered (29 percent).

“Generation C forms a major part of today’s workforce and our community. With this survey, we hope to gain deeper insights into the connected demographics that are not defined by the usual characteristics or traits of a generation,” Ali Matar said.

On the other hand, several respondents thought the process of finding the right job was too long. They cited a number of incidents, including: “I felt like it took me a long time to get referrals from previous employers”, “it felt like it took me a long time to find a role I want to apply for” and “the interview process took a long time.”



Social media usage and habits

Thirty-four percent of the Generation C respondents spend between two to five hours daily on social media platforms for leisure and describe their usage to be engaging, interesting and useful. Meanwhile, 18 percent of those surveyed claimed that they browse social media for professional reasons for two to five hours daily.

When asked about their social media usage in general, the most common social media activities were messaging friends and family (50 percent), watching videos (44 percent), learning new skills (38 percent), looking at friends’ and family members’ (37 percent) profiles and looking for jobs (32 percent).

In line with the theme of professional growth and progress, the In It Together global consumer-targeted campaign revolves around a central question: what are you in it for? This year’s theme focuses on real stories of members who found their job through LinkedIn. It follows the first wave of the campaign that launched in June 2018 across the UAE, the UK, France, and Germany, and used real member stories to tackle stereotypical definitions of success.