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NeverWet achieves wide effectiveness during “Huda” Snowstorm

Rust-Oleum® NeverWet, Multi-Surface water repelling treatment, has proved outstanding efficiency and effectiveness during the “Huda” snowstorm witnessed by the Kingdom recently. The citizens treated their satellite devices to prevent TV broadcasting signal lost or distortion because of the snow on their dishes.

Rust-Oleum® NeverWet is a two-step US product system designed to create a moisture repelling barrier on a variety of substrates. It is suitable for use on metal, wood, aluminum, galvanized metal, PVC, concrete, masonry, asphalt, vinyl siding, fiberglass, canvas, most plastics and more. NeverWet dries to a flat, frosted appearance which may change the color and sheen of the treated object. Test in an inconspicuous area before applying to entire project.

Hassan Al-Sayed, the Manager Director of the Jordan Advanced Alternative Energy and Transport Solutions – the exclusive distributor of the Rust-Oleum® products in the Kingdom, said NeverWet had become increasingly widespread and popular within a short period of time after it was put on the local market.

The users have expressed their full satisfaction with its effectiveness, especially when treats satellite dishes and other devices to prevent the snow on them. “

He added during the winter, the likelihood of broadcast signal lost or distortion increases because of the prevailing weather conditions, especially when the snow falls. However, when NeverWet is applied on satellite dishes, it forms an insulating material that prevents and repel the snow from the satellite devices and prevents the transmission from being cut and the signal from being lost.

Al-Sayed pointed out to the possibility of using NeverWet on any type of surfaces, flooring, entrances of buildings, and outside furniture to protect them from getting wet, snow, humidity and other common weather conditions.

For his turn, the Marketing and Sales Executive Engineer Laith Abu-Nawwas said: “We are working during the current period to study the possibility of benefiting from NeverWet through using it as a coating material to protect mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances from being damaged due to spillage of water and other liquids, which has always been a major concern for many users.”

He said NeverWet was available in the local market at “Leaders Centre” and “Al-Bishti Hardware” on the Medical City Street. Industrial amounts of the product which cover wider areas can be obtained at the offices of the Jordan Advanced Alternative Energy and Transport Solutions which are located at Al Hurriah Street -Al-Muqabilin.

It is to be noted that the Jordan Advanced Alternative Energy and Transport Solutions provides innovative products and solutions in the transport and alternative energy sectors. It is also committed to the installation and maintenance of such products and devices.

Its products are eco-friendly, save energy and reduces the consumption costs, whether for companies (of transport, distribution or cargo) or individuals, which supports its tendency to increase environmental and profitability responsibility through diligent research to provide the latest technology to preserve the environment and save energy.