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New business guide enables entrepreneurship in Jordan

Launched by Intaj, it aims to provide ICT solutions for companies

A new business guide has been launched by Jordanian ICT group, Intaj, shining light on all available investment support programmes, national employment programmes, key corporate services and growth accelerators, which will facilitate entrepreneurship and the maturity of existing businesses. The guide will provide ICT companies with the requirements and guidelines in registering, starting and operating a business in the ICT division in Jordan.

Additionally, it will introduce all available financial exemptions that will be provided according to the investment promotion law, which includes customs duties exemptions on imported fixed assets, tax exemptions, sales taxes and income tax breaks, as well as the facilitation of licensing and registration processes. It also provides an advanced outlook on key associations and organisations that companies can refer to for doing businesses with the government and other key sectors in Jordan.

Intaj’s role is outlined in the guide in leading the ICT strategic initiatives for sector developments. It is managed by committees from private sectors, which are led by Intaj’s board of directors. The sector development pillars cover areas related to advocacy, export development, investment development, HR development, IP and start-ups, and connectivity. Services under these committees will accelerate corporate maturity, increase export readiness and competiveness, and ensure the availability of qualified HR resources for effective infrastructure and better investment environments.