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New corruption committee in Kuwait under fire from the inside

Women in parliament, in this region, are supposed to prove their metal around their male counterparts by being creative, active, and offering some compassion for vulnerable people, but in Kuwait, this fact is false.

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Kuwait Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah expressed his displeasure over Kuwait’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rating and its decline over the past few years, which in fact, has affected and harmed the country’s reputation as certain pricings were compromised.

He formed a committee that will be led by the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) to rectify the situation.

The committee will be comprised of members of ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finances, Justice, Social Affairs, and Commerce.

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Shots fired

Safaa Al Hashem, a member of parliament, said to Al Rai daily in a recent local interview:

“Your committee is silly, distasteful and without color, if the prime minister wants to fight corruption he needs to get rid of the consultants that are making us lose the plot.”

AL Hashem was behind enacting some controversial bills in the country, seeking to fire all expatriates from their positions in Kuwait, seeking 100% kuwaitization, and accusing some 30,000 locals from forging their citizenship.

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Corruption and where is it coming from

According to the National daily, the ministry’s hospitality budget went from $3 million to $73 million in 2017, without any real explanation, prompting serious suspicions that something was amiss.