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A new graduate school for Islamic Economy Studies to be launched in UAE

Dubai’s vision to be the global hub for Islamic Economy merged with a workforce capacity planning study conducted by academia experts at Cambridge Academy for Higher Education led to a strategic plan to establish a new graduate school for Islamic Economy Studies in UAE to address the need to provide researchers and educated executives.

Islamic economic products valued at trillion of dollars, and Dubai looks to boost exposure to this industry. 2013 set records for Islamic bond sales in the Arabian Gulf, with $21.2bn (Dh77.87bn) raised by companies in the region, creating a boom for investment banks operating in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Prof. Saad Othman, President of Cambridge Academy for Higher Education in Fujairah announced at the graduation ceremony of the first batch of executive MBA students in UAE which was held at Convention Center, Dubai International Financial Center in Dubai.

Cambridge Academy for Higher Education FZE is a research based higher education institution licensed in Fujairah Free Zone and aim to educate leaders in the Middle East with a focus on executive education and training. The institute started as a student recruitment agency and then piloted its first executive MBA program for a cohort of 40 students from different nationalities. “The return of investment is positive, with more than 70% of graduates success in improving their job, get a salary raise or a promotion” added Prof. Othman.

The event witnessed more announcements with the launch of joint programs with UK top ranked universities through Edexcel progression route. In addition to MBA, Institute of Healthcare Research focuses on healthcare and pharmaceutical research and studies in the egion and offer executive education programs in healthcare and executive master of health administration.

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