Complex Made Simple

A new partnership followed by a grand opening of Altus in Lebanon

Skyline Design, the luxury outdoor furniture brand managed by Simexa Ltd in the Middle East, announces a partnership with Altus as their new distributor in Lebanon. Following this alliance came the opening of a grand showroom on Hazmieh’s highway (in the suburb of Beirut) where Altus will be displaying Skyline Design’s outdoor furniture.

Altus is a one-of-a-kind showroom exhibiting new ways of luxurious living. Owned by the son of Georges Matta, one of Lebanon’s leading furniture galleries, Altus found a new potential in this market for avant-garde furniture. Ziad, the youngest of the Matta siblings and founder of Altus, decided to offer compilations of all the uniqueness that Lebanese consumers are looking for.

Few months after the partnership with Skyline Design, Altus opened its first showroom in Lebanon. Mr. Manuel Stanislas, Simexa’s CEO, finds in this opening a great opportunity to empower the brand’s presence in Lebanon, especially through a family that has been revolutionizing the furniture industry for over 60 years: “We are very excited to work hand in hand with one of the biggest families in the Lebanese furniture industry.” Altus’s showroom will be displaying a huge variety of unique designs containing, among others, living and dining collections, kitchen sets and outdoor furniture from Skyline Design.

According to Mr. Stanislas, the enthusiasm about this partnership is justified with the evolution of the industry, in the country and more generally in the Middle East. The two newly partnered companies agreed on the fact that people are shifting their priorities from simply buying outdoor furniture to finding the ones matching their needs. Mr. Stanislas declares that people are starting to get more familiar with how to choose their outdoor furniture: “When inquiring about a specific set, they are not only picking beautiful designs but they are also requiring aluminum or rattan furniture that resist all weathers.”

For Simexa’s CEO, this partnership is an add-on the series of achievements by the company in the Middle East. In the last couple of years, Simexa partnered with several distributors to cover the region, going from Lebanon to Oman passing by UAE and Saudi Arabia. These alliances helped Skyline Design seize more opportunities in the retail business and reinforce the business wholesale division that responds to the growing needs of the hospitality industry of hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

Visit Altus showroom to discover the latest Skyline Design outdoor furniture.