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New policy to prevent use of dry milk to make yoghurt

Agriculture Minister Akef Zu’bi announced that the Ministry of Agriculture has drafted a new policy that monitors the import and trade of powdered milk in Jordan, as unlicensed factories use the substance to make dairy products, Jordan Times has reported. Zu’bi said that the new policy handles “a highly critical issue”, noting that it introduces import provisions, measures for obtaining a license for the import of powdered milk and, “most importantly”, a mechanism that tracks the movement of the substance from the borders and into factories. “The policy is very important because there are many unlicensed factories that use dry milk to make yoghurt and other dairy products, a practice that is detrimental to people’s health,” Zu’bi told reporters during a press conference at the ministry. Dairy products manufactured from powdered milk contain very high amounts of hydrogenated oil, which has adverse health effects, he said.