Complex Made Simple

New Samsung Curved UHD TV now in KSA market

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, launched its breathtaking 2014 world’s first Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV line up with Rotana Khalijiah’s number one sports show in the Gulf, “Koora”.

The groundbreaking technology takes viewers one step closer to reality, with its advanced technology and sophisticated design. During the launch, there was a draw on Samsung’s Curved UHD TV for one of the lucky show crew members to win.

Hwan Sung Woo, AV Division Director of Samsung Electronics in Saudi Arabia, said: “We are here today to launch Samsung’s new Curved UHD TV. This is a big innovation in this line of industry. Our overall philosophy is to listen to our customers and to meet and exceed their expectations. Our dedication to innovation, demonstrated in the new Curved UHD TV, maintained our leading position.” “The concept behind the curved screen was a simple one – to massively enhance the viewing experience. Our eyes are rounded, and the spectrum we see is of a rounded nature, therefore, looking onto a concaved object is always easier and more appealing to the eye than looking upon flat surfaces,” he added. He ended by saying: “Demand for our products is driven by the trust that our Saudi customers have in the Samsung brand, and we trust that this Curved UHD TV will earn the same welcome. That is why Samsung has reached the top and remained there.”

Rotana Khalijiah’s anchor Turki AlAjma said on his part: “We are proud to launch today, this partnership between two leaders of their fields: our show, Koora, a winner of the number one sports show in the Gulf and Samsung Electronics, the leading brand in electronics. This relationship is a strategic one, and it is a first step in many future endeavors to come, and together we promise our viewers an exceptional experience of watching football games that will surround their senses. Especially with all the great global events taking place now.”

The Story Behind the Curve: Creating the Ultimate Immersive Experience
Samsung is blending its innovative Curved TV design with its UHD TV technology. Developed with an optimal curvature of 4200R, Samsung’s curved screens offer a presence not felt on flat screens. Creating a wider field of view with a panoramic effect, the display seem larger than life, ensuring that no matter what your viewing angle is, everyone can lay claim to the best seat in the house.

Providing the best picture quality from a normal watching distance of 3-4 meters, the combination of the curve and UHD technology creates the ultimate immersive viewing experience, bringing images to life and enveloping viewers in spectacular color, clarity and detail.

What’s more, Samsung’s Curved TVs are augmented by its proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer, which automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth, giving a 3D effect without the need for glasses. Color is further enhanced on these sets with Samsung’s Pure Color technology, which reproduces color as film-makers envisioned, expressing more detailed shades.

Better and Broader Samsung UHD TV Lineup
Thanks to UHD up-scaling, featured on all Samsung UHD TVs, viewers are treated to the best possible picture, regardless of picture source. The proprietary technology converts Full HD, HD and lower resolution sources to nearly-UHD clarity through a unique four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, detail analysis and finally, up scaling. UHD Dimming technology also helps to further optimize picture quality by processing each block of a picture and delivering deeper blacks and improved contrast.

Samsung Curved UHD lineup (U9000) will be available from June onwards across leading retail outlets across the region in the following sizes: 78″, 65″, and 55″. The Samsung UHD lineup (U8500) will be available across leading retail outlets in five screen sizes, 65″, 60″, 55″ and 48″.